Brisbane is set to receive more reliable bus services with Queensland Premier Steven Miles and Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner announcing a deal for significant public transport investment.  

The landmark deal will deliver upfront investment in public transport by the State Government to keep Brisbane moving and lays the foundation for long term collaboration with Brisbane City Council. 

Brisbane has the highest demand for integrated and connecting public transport services in the state – a demand set to be catered for through new, expanded and integrated public transport offerings under the new agreement.    

Under the deal, an additional 160,000 bus services will be delivered across Brisbane every year. 

The Brisbane Metro will also boost capacity by up to 30 million seats annually. 

This comes ahead of the nation leading cost of living and congestion busting ‘50 cent fares’ initiative, delivering by the Queensland Government. 

‘50 cent fares’ will see all Translink public transport services, including those delivered by Brisbane City Council, offer a flat 50 cent fare no matter how passengers travel or how far.  

A special Council meeting will be held soon to formalise the agreement with the State Government. 

The landmark bus funding agreement includes: 

  • An additional $75 million investment in Brisbane’s bus network during 2024-25 
  • A commitment to a 75 per cent (State) to 25 per cent (Council) funding split 
  • Demand-responsive bus services, funded by the State and operated by Council during the 50 Cent Fares trial from 5 August 
  • Rapid deployment of Brisbane Metro vehicles on the busy 169 bus route between Eight Mile Plains and UQ St Lucia from October 2024 
  • Arrangements made to allow the Brisbane Metro M1 & M2 services to commence when complete 
  • Collaboration to deliver bus priority projects on key routes, including the Northern Transitway and Mains Road corridors 
  • A commitment to creating a stronger advisory board to allow a more balanced perspective for investment into the transport services of the Brisbane LGA 
  • A northside bus network review following the introduction of Brisbane Metro and Brisbane’s New Bus Network (BNBN) 
  • A commitment to a joint, annual network review process which adds capacity into the network where it’s needed 
  • Reform of Brisbane’s Bus Network to reduce waste & duplication and improve bus to rail connections 

Queensland Premier, Steven Miles, said that Queenslanders are counting down the days to 5 August when the nation leading 50 cent fares initiatives begins. 

“But they are also expressing concern that our bus network here in Brisbane will be at capacity,” Premier Miles said.  

“Today’s agreement with Brisbane City Council will make sure we have on-demand bus services ready to roll out from day one to make sure no commuter gets left behind. 

“And that moving forward we are delivering the high frequency, reliable and accessible public transport services that the people of Brisbane deserve. 

“Brisbane City Council is a key partner in delivering multi-modal public transport throughout the region and I’m pleased we could lock in a strong plan for the future of the network.” 

Brisbane Lord Mayor, Adrian Schrinner, said that Council made a commitment to residents to keep Brisbane moving and that’s precisely what this deal delivers. 

“I want to thank Premier Steven Miles for working closely with us to deliver a better deal for all Brisbane residents,” Mayor Schrinner said.  

“Brisbane is one of the fastest-growing cities in Australia and one of the most effective ways to reduce congestion is to get more people on our buses.  

“We need to make public transport services more frequent and the introduction of Brisbane Metro along with the additional services this agreement funds ensures that happens. 

Queensland Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Bart Mellish, said that the State Government wants Brisbane’s public transport network to be the best in the world, especially as the population grows.  

“An integrated network, where buses connect people to rail is essential and we’re pleased Brisbane City Council has committed to work on this with us,” Minister Mellish said.  

“Brisbane Metro will be a valuable part of the network and I am keen to see it get underway as soon as possible. 

“It’s great that we now have a deal in place for 50 cent fare on the 5th of August.” 

Brisbane City Council’s Civic Cabinet Chair for Transport, Ryan Murphy, said that Brisbane buses carry two thirds of the city’s public transport passengers and that this new deal has secured funding for buses now and into the future. 

“This is a transformative public transport funding deal that will deliver more services, more often, and gives us a remarkable opportunity to reform our network,” Councillor Murphy said.  

“Brisbane residents deserve better bus services and the agreement reached between Council and the State is a win for them and a win for our bus network.” 

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