Passenger Airliners At Melbourne Airport

Brimbank City Council has called for further community engagement to address the potential impacts of Melbourne Airport’s proposed third runway on local residents. 

In late 2019, Melbourne Airport announced it would construct its third runway in a north-south orientation with plans to open the runway between 2027 and 2029. 

Its new flight paths will increase the number of flights to approximately 135,000 a year, resulting in significantly more aircraft noise for residents who live just north and south of the airport.

Currently there have been no plans for compensation to residents affected by the third runway. 

In the past, compensation schemes have been established to support households affected by additional airport activity. These include compensation schemes in response to the construction of Sydney Airport’s third runway in 1994.

“The expansion of the Melbourne Airport and the anticipated noise levels, including the environmental, amenity, infrastructure and congestion impacts has been an ongoing concern for the community and Council,” a Brimbank City Council spokesperson said. 

“Council wants to mitigate these impacts on the Brimbank community. We’re calling for a transparent approach and more rigorous community engagement on the planning of the proposed third runway.

“Over the past 18 months Council has been advocating with Melbourne Airport, Federal and State Governments, Airservices Australia and other key authorities to raise concerns around the proposed north-south runway and its impact on amenity and wellbeing of our community.”

Brimbank City Council is seeking Federal Government investments to help alleviate the effects of the Melbourne Airport’s proposed third runway, including increased noise levels as well as the environmental, infrastructure and congestion impacts.

The Federal Government is urged to establish a policy framework and a funding mechanism to ensure that local communities directly impacted by this third runway receive adequate support from a national community offset package.

Council said Melbourne Airport is an important neighbour of Brimbank and Council remains committed to meaningful engagement on future developments that impact our community.

Council also commissioned a report into the potential impacts. The report recommends the airport consider a curfew between 11pm-6am to reduce disruption to sleep for residents, similar to the one in place at Sydney Airport.

Council’s report follows Melbourne Airport releasing the draft Major Development Plan for the third runway which declared the health effects of surrounding suburbs due to the new runway would be ‘moderate’.

Council aims to work with Melbourne Airport to ensure residents aren’t misled about the noise and health effects caused by the proposed runway.

“Council’s MOU with Melbourne Airport provides a pathway to work together and transform the west and Brimbank’s economic and social potential,” Council spokesperson said.

“Brimbank recognises the important economic role the Airport plays for our region in supporting local industries, businesses and jobs, as well as the challenges of returning tourism and flights to pre COVID-19 levels.”

In 2021, Council met with Minister Michael McCormack’s office, the Federal Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, to raise its concerns around the potential impacts of the future third runway.

“Council also participated in a hearing and provided a submission to the Melbourne Airport and Environs Safeguarding Standing Advisory Committee (MAESSAC) raising issues and concerns about planning and engagement with the community,” a Council spokesperson said.

“Further, Council provided a submission to Airservices Australia about the Draft Flight Path Principles in 2020.

“Council will also be preparing a submission to the Melbourne Airport Master Plan Update and Major Development Plan for the Third Runway when they are released by Melbourne Airport.

“This is part of Council’s drive to ensure Melbourne Airport’s proposed new third runway addresses the impacts on community health and wellbeing.

“Ultimately, we’re keen to work with Melbourne Airport to ensure key stakeholders and surrounding residents are appropriately consulted and communicated over these critical matters.”


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