Livvi’s Place Playspace at Albert Park has a variety of activities for educational and active play, the playground will open soon. Image courtesy of CGRC.

Cootamundra-Gundagai Regional Council (CGRC) have asked residents eager about the opening of a new all-inclusive playspace in Albert Park to be patient as works near completion.

After receiving multiple enquiries regarding the opening of the Livvi’s Place Playspace in Albert Park Cootamundra, CGRC have informed residents that works are close to completion, and an opening date will be formalised soon.

Works still to be carried out before the opening include the installation of additional park furniture, minor repair works and fine tuning of new equipment, the completion of signage, additional planting of greenery and obtaining a final risk certification for use by the public. 

The New South Wales Department of Planning will also sign off on the project. 

Manager Waste, Parks & Recreation Services for CGRC, Wayne Bennett, said there was also a need for the new plants and turf to settle in before the opening of the playground can take place. 

“We’ve had a lot of rain, and the turf that has been laid will need a little time to take hold before it can take a lot of traffic. It’s all those small fine-tuning things that take time, and we want it to be perfect before we open it up for public use,” Mr Bennett said. 

The new inclusive toilet facilities are currently being made off-site and should be ready for installation by July/August 2022. 

The installation of this new facility will not impact the new playground opening.  

CGRC Mayor Charlie Sheahan said the playspace will be a huge asset for the region and everything needed to be right before an opening can take place. 

“There’s been a huge amount of planning, work and foresight which has gone into this space,” Mayor Sheahan said.

“We’ve had partnerships with Variety, Touched by Olivia Foundation and the New South Wales Government, CGRC staff and various contractors have worked side by side to bring this space to fruition.

“Everything needs to be ready – it will be our only chance to make sure that all the components that make up the space meet expectations, and operate correctly.

“I know there are some excited kids out there, as well as adults, I just ask for your patience and once the Livvi’s Playspace at Albert Park is open it will be well worth the effort.”

It is anticipated that the new playground will be ready by no later than July 2022. 

Council will be arranging formal and informal open events. The informal events will involve the local Council and community, while the formal events will involve all persons/groups in the playground’s development including political dignitaries.  

Livvi’s Place Playspace at Albert Park has a variety of activities for educational and active play, the playground will open soon. Image courtesy of CGRC.


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