Dune rehabilitation. Courtesy of Shoalhaven City Council

Shoalhaven City Council has commenced coastal dune rehabilitation works, in an effort to restore beaches affected by erosion.

The works have been planned in close consultation with the relevant State Government agencies and will be undertaken at Callala Bay, Bendalong and Shoalhaven Heads. 

Coastal dune rehabilitation primarily involves a coastal management technique referred to as Nature Assisted Beach Enhancement (NABE), also called Beach Scraping. 

NABE is the mechanical movement of sand from the lower part of the beach onto the higher part of the beach, or sand dune. This technique mimics the natural accumulation of sand following a beach erosion event. 

The use of NABE enables a quick-response mechanism to prevent further damage to assets from ongoing storms that may occur after the works are completed. 

The natural accumulation processes can take months, or even years, to rebuild after a major storm event. 

Planning and coordination of these projects was to address impacts on the site sustained from coastal erosion events over the past 12 months. 

The planned outcomes from this work provide a sand buffer for the forecasted impacts, aimed to provide adequate short-term protection for Council assets, natural areas, and cultural heritage. 

Works at Callala Bay, Bendalong and Shoalhaven Heads will only be undertaken when weather permits a safe and environmentally sound solution. 

Council is frequently monitoring forecasts for potential storm surge and ocean swell events, which may impact on the current works. 

These projects are being supported by funding from New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment (DPE) Coastal and Estuary Grants Program. 

The Council said that ongoing assessment of hazards and impacts within Coastal environments will help plan the most appropriate risk management strategy into the future.  

These important rehabilitation works will be completed as soon as practicable. 

Image: Dune rehabilitation. Courtesy of Shoalhaven City Council.


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