The City of Greater Geelong’s Internet of Things (IoT) network is helping a new farming technology trial take place, which helps feed real time data to researchers to help maintain crop health.

In-ground sensors are being used to monitor soil moisture and temperature in wheat trials to assist with making decisions about crop nutrition, protection and yield.

The Marcus Oldham Farm Management College has been investigating smart farming practices for some time and recently attended The City of Greater Geelong’s IoT Kickstarter as part of Geelong Design Week 2021.

Utilising the City’s Internet of Things (IoT) network, which provides coverage to 90 per cent of the city and is open to anyone, they receive sensor data through a WiFi-like connection.

This allows the College to draw information into a platform for analysis in near-real-time and means they can gather intelligence without stepping foot in a field. It also enables the layering of other datasets, like rainfall, for even deeper insight.

Data-driven precision farming allows agricultural practises to be more controlled, accurate and sustainable. Plants and animals get exactly the type of care and conditions they need to thrive, and water and other resources can be used more efficiently.

The City of Greater Geelong said it was proud to support this trial, and encouraged anyone interested in learning more to visit The Things Network Geelong


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