City of Bunbury smart cities lights

The City of Bunbury has awarded the phase 2 contract of its Smart City adoption project, which aims to leverage AI technology to make its lighting more efficient.

VROC, a predictive analytics company headquartered in Perth, was awarded the Smart City Decorative Lighting Integration contract on 8 April 2020.

The City of Bunbury’s Smart City project looks to improve the effect and functionality of the display lighting at key locations across the city, through the upgrade of some existing lights and implementation of IoT & AI technology. 

Bunbury is one of the fastest growing regional cities in Australia and Western Australia’s third largest capital city.

With more efficient lighting, the City hopes to benefit from energy savings and maintenance cost reductions, as well as increased safety and livability for its citizens.

Through the use of connected IoT sensors, the VROC platform will provide the City with real time monitoring and the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology will notify the city before failures occur, allowing proactive maintenance to ensure on-going citizen safety.

The project includes the following key sites in the City: Marlston Hill Rotary Lookout Tower, Guppy Park, the Bunbury Visitor Centre and Koombana Bay. 

After the project is implemented, the City will have centralised control over these key lighting locations, allowing them to schedule pre-programmed coloured lighting shows based on the time of day, year and other outlying factors.

VROC has already completed an upgrade to the Cities Flood Water Pumps, which now uses Artificial Intelligence to stop the city from flooding.

VROC CEO, Trevor Bloch, said the company was thrilled to continue its partnership with The City of Bunbury in their advancement of the Smart City program. 

“The ability to leverage technology to reduce energy and maintenance costs, whilst improving livability for its citizens is a forward-thinking and sociably responsible act,” Mr Bloch said.

Bunbury Mayor, Gary Brennan, said the Lighting Up Bunbury Project was the latest exciting step in revitalising the CBD.

“The awarding of this contract to VROC will allow the City of Bunbury to have unprecedented control over its decorative lighting,” Cr Brennan said.

“This adds to the previous project allowing the City to control a number of different elements from the one control platform, and will help light up our beautiful landmarks around the CBD.”

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