The City of Ryde contacted Multipole looking for a solar pole solution that was powerful enough to run two CCTV cameras as well as lighting. The pole was installed in a busy laneway to increase community safety and manage environmental management issues in the immediate area.

By choosing a solar solution, the council was not required to do expensive trenching works or wait for the local power provider to arrange a connection to the pole.

The provision of lighting and CCTV cameras has dramatically improved the community’s safety in the busy laneway.

The entire system is enclosed within the pole and secured behind a hatch with a patented locking system. The high-powered batteries can store several days of energy to ensure the lighting and CCTV cameras run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Conveniently, the CCTV footage was able to be integrated into the existing City of Ryde CCTV systems.

A smart and inventive solution for the City of Ryde improving safety for the community of Eastwood.

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