Seemingly a very new technology, many don’t know that electric vehicles actually have a long history dating back to the 19th century. Over time the technology has evolved from a niche eco-friendly choice, to a viable mainstream option, revolutionising many industries such as outdoor landscaping and maintenance equipment.

Like the first generation of smartphones, which were basic and clunky compared to today’s sleek, sophisticated devices, electric solutions have undergone decades of development and fine-tuning. Once unable to keep up with gas-powered counterparts, electric solutions now match or surpass their performance.

This has been made possible by dedicated efforts to evolve this technology, and ample research and development (R&D). Just as smartphone manufacturers invested heavily in innovation, the trailblazers of electric equipment providers, like EcoTeq, have committed themselves to continuous improvement – resulting in substantial upgrades in terms of range, power, efficiency and durability.

As the electric market expands, local governments have a wealth of options at their fingertips. However, many of these emerging solutions are light commercial or domestic models, which may not be suitable for the rigorous demands of council use, which is why purchasing from a trusted and established supplier is key.

The key facts for councils to consider

Ensuring equipment is up to the task

Local government works often require robust machinery capable of long hours of operation, navigating difficult terrains and handling a diverse range of outdoor maintenance and landscaping jobs. When assessing the performance of electric equipment, buyers should consider factors such as range limitation, battery life, and recharge time, which all impact an operator’s ability to tackle projects without interruption.

Less powerful machines may struggle with tasks involving large rubbish, debris or even wet leaves. In contrast, tried-andtested heavy commercial machinery, such as EcoTeq’s electric street sweepers, have a strong suction vacuum and dust filtration system that can handle demanding environments.

Electric from the ground up

True commercial electric equipment is not simply converted from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric power. These machines are designed electric from the ground up, utilising lighter, stronger materials. This results in improved efficiency, power and battery life.

For example, EcoTeq electric ride-on mowers are constructed using aircraft alloy, a material renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Incorporating this into the manufacturing process significantly reduces the machine’s weight without compromising its durability or structural integrity, not only enhancing manoeuvrability and ease of use but also reducing the energy required for operation, thereby contributing to a longer battery lifespan.

When comparing electric equipment, another factor to take into account is how long the company has been supplying commercial-grade electric machines. It’s also equally important to delve into the manufacturer’s background – how long have they been in the business of manufacturing electric equipment? Is it their speciality, or a new gimmick?

Pioneers in the field

There are tons of big-name brands in the market, but many of them lack the depth of experience and expertise of companies that have been exclusively electric focused for a decade or more. Meanwhile, manufacturers with over ten years of experience have likely surmounted many of the challenges that a newcomer in the industry is only beginning to confront today.

For example, EcoTeq mowers are manufactured in the US under the Mean Green brand, a company that has been building electric mowers for more than a decade. EcoTeq’s electric sweepers have been available in Australia for more than eight years. Like Mean Green, these sweepers have been through the R&D process for more than a decade and are widely employed throughout Europe, including by the City of Westminster in London.

At EcoTeq, we work directly with the manufacturers of our machines. Their representatives have visited Australia and EcoTeq staff have visited factories in the US and Europe. As well as providing technical service, our team of factory-trained experts can assist buyers in selecting the right machine for their specific needs.

Building a local reputation on quality and performance, EcoTeq solely supplies commercial-grade electric cleansing and landscaping equipment in Australia.

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