With more than 50 years of electrical engineering experience, and as one of the pioneers in the Australian and New Zealand electric vehicle (EV) charging landscape, NHP has developed a range of quality EV charging products to suit the needs of all operations, including council and other government projects and facilities.

As the local transition to EVs accelerates, companies like NHP are leading the way – creating innovative solutions without the charging anxiety. NHP is partnering with Delta, one of the world’s largest EV charger manufacturers, to bring high quality charging products to Australia and New Zealand.

NHP has further enhanced the Delta range to provide a number of products including charging posts, isolators, RCBOs, EV readiness distribution boards and even its revolutionary Load Management System. NHP’s team of dedicated EV specialists and engineers will help tailor the right solution for individual projects.

To further support a project, NHP can also provide extended warranties and a bespoke service and maintenance package, which involves NHP’s factory trained technicians checking on the installation to ensure it is operating in tip-top condition.

The Delta range of EV chargers from NHP features Ethernet, Wi-Fi and SIM card connectivity, allowing connection to third-party cloud-based billing platforms via the OCPP 1.6J communications protocol.

Delta DC Wallbox 25kw and 50kw: cost effective, fast charging

Durable, reliable and commercial grade, the Delta DC Wallbox 25kW is one of the best selling, low level DC chargers on the market, while the all new Delta DC Wallbox 50kW will be a game changer in the EV charging space.

One of the thinnest chargers on the market at only 260mm deep, the DC Wallbox 50kW delivers fast charging without large real estate demands. The range comes with cable lengths from 4m, which is ideal for car parks, while the optional 7m cable length is ideal for councils, utilities, heavy commercial and automotive service centres.

Air-cooled, steel cased and with an IP55/IK10 rating, the Delta DC Wallbox will operate comfortably in most weather and operating conditions and will run at full capacity up to 50°C.

One of the major benefits of the DC Wallbox is the ability to mount to a wall, allowing for cabling to run along the wall, rather than digging trenches. If no wall is available, the DC Wallbox is available with a purpose-built steel pedestal.

Delta DC city charger: robust and reliable, with rapid and ultra-rapid performance

Publicly accessible infrastructure needs to be durable, reliable and fit for purpose and the Delta DC City Charger is designed to deliver on these fronts. Built inside a solid steel IP55/IK10 case, the DC City Charger is robust and built for longevity.

Available in three variants (50kW, 100kW and 200kW), the City Charger will deliver rapid and ultra-rapid performance. The City Charger is also applicable for rural areas, and is designed for Australia and New Zealand’s varying environments and weather conditions.

Air-cooling is used for temperature control, making the DC City Charger more reliable and easy to maintain.

Encourage EV drivers to spend time (and money) in your region

NHP has found that councils and local businesses are increasingly seeing the benefits of installing EV chargers for public use. The more EV drivers become aware that they can stop in a local area on their road trip or while going about their daily business, the more likely they will be to spend time in the area, shop at the local stores and cafes and strengthen the local economy.

Having kept the power on in homes, stadiums, hospitals, factories and many other industries for over 50 years, NHP understands the importance of reliability and up-time. Offering a wide range of service and maintenance products and extended warranties, NHP goes the extra mile to offer greater peace of mind.

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by NHP Electrical Engineering Products. To find out more, please contact your local NHP Account Representative, call 1300 647 647, email nhpsales@nhp.com.au or go to nhp.com.au


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