Cairns Regional Council is preparing a multi-stage strategic planning study to advance their Smart Green Economy. 

The project is the preparation of a multi-stage strategic planning study to position Cairns and the Far North Queensland (FNQ) region as a leader in the Smart Green Economy in Australia.

The “Smart Green Economy” term includes, but is not limited, to the following sectors:

  • Renewable energy/fuels
  • Circular economy
  • Climate adaptation and resilience
  • Education and training
  • Tropical expertise
  • Sustainable advanced manufacturing
  • Technical and professional services
  • Natural resource management
  • Science
  • Technology and innovation

As well as securing private and public investments, the plan will also support sustainable economic and employment growth, innovation, diversification and resilience. 

Consultants Ernst and Young (EY) have been engaged to support Council in identifying and prioritising initiatives related to Smart Green Economy clusters. 

Through cross-sector collaboration and engagement, the project aims to identify opportunities that are likely to:

  • Attract and stimulate private investment
  • Support sustainable economic growth
  • Generate employment
  • Deliver economic diversification and resilience in the region

Initial stages of the strategic plan are being undertaken in 2022 to gain a thorough understanding of the potential opportunity, agree upon and clearly define the concept opportunity statement, secure stakeholder support, and quantify and analyse the value of the opportunity (economic, environmental and social) for each sector/cluster.

In March 2022, Council sought feedback from the community through a targeted stakeholder survey, identifying and analysing opportunities throughout the region within the Smart, Green Economy clusters.

More than 80 responses were received. These responses will inform subsequent stages of the strategic plan to refine and value the Smart, Green Economy concept.


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