Central Coast Council is seeking input from community members to inform the design of the new Mangrove Creek Visitor Space, replacing the original facilities which were destroyed in bushfires.

Community members are invited to share their values, stories and aspirations associated with the Mangrove Creek Dam picnic area, lookout and surroundings to influence the design of the new exciting Visitor Space, which will feature a new amenities building, an improved picnic area and educational elements.

Central Coast Council has received $2.5 million from the New South Wales Government’s Bushfire Local Economic Recovery (BLER) Fund to complete the project. 

Council Director Water and Sewer, Jamie Loader, said the new Visitor Space will play a key role in supporting locals who were significantly affected by the Three Mile and Gospers Mountain Fires.

“Here on the Coast it was community members in our mountain and hinterland regions who were hardest hit by the devastating fires of 2019-20,” Mr Loader said.

“The fires posed a threat to life, property and environment, and local businesses faced reduced patronage for an extended period of time.

“Our visitor facilities at Mangrove Creek Dam were completely destroyed in the Three Mile Fire and we are seeking to create a new Visitor Space that encourages both locals and tourists to spend more time enjoying this beautiful area and supporting local businesses. 

“We are keen to hear from our community on how to best represent the significance of this site, which is home to a critical piece of our region’s water supply network and has a rich Indigenous and agricultural history.”

Council Administrator, Rik Hart, said the project provides an opportunity to create a space that helps to drive tourism for th region’s mountain and hinterland regions.

“Thanks to this important New South Wales Government funding we have an opportunity to not only rebuild the Mangrove Creek Dam facilities we lost to the devastating Three Mile Fire, but to create an improved space for both locals and visitors to enjoy,” Mr Hart said.

“A trip to Mangrove Creek Dam does not disappoint – is a spectacular site to behold and is nestled within beautiful bushland and alongside the Coast’s stunning hinterland region.

“I encourage community members to have their say on how our new Visitor Space can feature the values and history of this site and enhance linkages with other tourism offerings.” 

New key features of the new Visitor Space, as outlined in the concept design, include:

  • New amenities block
  • New overhanging viewing platforms on two levels
  • Commemorative plaque
  • Proposed two level viewing platform at significant survey pillar and rock outcrop
  • New picnic table shelters, bins and bench seating throughout
  • New gravel and concrete pathways around the site, including disabled access
  • New soft native landscaping to car park and surrounding areas
  • New plaques at pathway intersections and areas of interest containing directions, historical, natural and cultural facts/information
  • New bitumen car park area and access roads
  • Existing trees and natural features to be retained where possible
  • New shelters to existing and new BBQ areas
  • Pathway access to significant historic Stone Culvert
  • New road access and parallel bus parking
  • Existing picnic areas to be refurbished with new low maintenance ground finish
  • New pergola shelters provide weather protection and signpost the pathway circulation through the site
  • New children’s nature play space 
  • New adjacent picnic and BBQ area
  • Opportunity for a mural to be featured

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