Some aspects of society never waver, like local government’s commitment to community sustainability and safety – both of which are key factors of road maintenance. Since 1995, the years have ebbed and flowed for ground-engineering experts Mainmark, but one thing has never changed – their commitment to sustainable, non-invasive and future-ready maintenance.

For many councils, environmental concern, asset downtime (closed roads, bridges and roadworks) and infrastructure costs are key pain points, with many community complaints a result of damaged roads.

The increase in extreme weather has also made these challenges more intense, with road damage a critical issue in many communities, leaving their council’s to decide – do they attempt to remediate these assets, or create community and environmental disruption and start from scratch.

Population growth is also a growing concern for councils, increasing pressure on existing infrastructure assets. To address these pain points and reduce costs, waste and environmental impacts, employing non-invasive, economical asset repair and preservation solutions is critically important.

Ground engineering and asset preservation specialist, Mainmark, has been a trusted partner and support for Australian councils for almost 30 years, providing innovative low-impact solutions for asset rehabilitation instead of replacement – reducing costs and use of resources.

Proactive asset maintenance

Mainmark uses the state-of-the-art engineered resin solution, Teretek®, to remediate assets with minimal disruption to the surrounding community and environment – proactively fortifying assets for future conditions.

Teretek® is a non-invasive technology that provides void filling, re-levelling and ground improvement solutions that remedy many challenges councils face. Maintaining infrastructure assets is crucial for public safety and can be an expensive process for local governments, especially as infrastructure ages and the cost of repairs increases.

The main benefit of Mainmark solutions is that they are of a non-invasive surgical nature compared to traditional methods, and the work can be completed quickly, meaning there’s less disruption to communities. Leveraging low-impact technologies to repair or maintain infrastructure is one way councils can support a better quality of life in their locality.

Key areas of expertise

Mainmark’s solutions can remedy a variety of assets, focusing in on the below:

  • Roads
  • Bridges
  • Culverts
  • Public buildings/assets
  • Heritage assets

What’s so special about Teretek®?

  • Fast: Our solutions have fast curing times compared to traditional repair methods.
  • Environmentally inert: the inert material that is used is non-toxic and does not leach into the environment or affect the treated area.
  • Immediately trafficable: as soon as the repair is completed, the area can be reopened to traffic and full use.
  • Non-invasive: repairs are performed without the need for excavation and extensive disruption.
  • Cost-effective: compared to traditional methods, these solutions are more cost-effective.

Solutions for the future

Since 1995, Mainmark has been making local government’s maintenance needs as simple as possible, so councils can prepare for the future, the smart way.

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