Featured image: Feature view of “ The Abbey” Grandstand. Image courtesy of Capral Aluminium.

In today’s rapidly changing world, sustainability has become a critical consideration for businesses across industries. As consumers become more environmentally conscious, companies are under increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices and reduce their carbon footprint.

BAB Aluminium, a leader in the aluminium seating industry, has taken a significant step towards prioritising the environment by switching to LocAl® Super Green Low Carbon Aluminium supplied by Capral Aluminium.

This shift in aluminium procurement strategy reduces their environmental impact and demonstrates their commitment to finding more sustainable product alternatives. Established by Brian Blowes, BAB Aluminium manufactures and supplies high-quality aluminium seating and setting solutions for various industries, from schools to large-scale sporting stadiums. 

“Both BAB and Grandstands Australia, our Grandstands division, supply seating all over Australia; you will find BAB Aluminium products in the heart of Sydney’s CBD as well as remote communities within the Kimberly,” Mr Blowes said.

Durable, high-quality seating

Growing in scale, quality and diversity of range over the past 40 years, the BAB name has become synonymous not only with durable, high-quality seating but with innovation and their ability to engage with the client to satisfy their specific needs.

“Architects and designers often specify our aluminium seating and grandstands. We work in consultation with architects to ensure the individual needs of their project are met, and we constantly work to exceed our clients’ expectations,” Mr Blowes said.

This consultative approach, alongside an entrenched commitment to sustainability, led Mr Blowes and the BAB team to consider switching to low-carbon primary aluminium for their seating.

“Carbon has become an important part of the conversation when working with architects and designers. Schools, institutions, and sporting facilities; across various projects, we are being asked to provide information about the sustainability of our products, material sourcing and stewardship,” Mr Blowes said. 

Best-in-class sustainability solutions

Aluminium is BAB’s primary material in producing their robust and durable outdoor and stadium seating solutions. The versatility and recyclability of aluminium has earned it a long-standing reputation as a “sustainable material”, with more than 95 per cent of all the aluminium ever produced still in use. However, there are significant variations in the carbon emissions of smelters during the production of primary aluminium – one might argue that some aluminium is more sustainable than others.

The main contribution to the carbon emissions of aluminium comes from the electrolysis process used in aluminium smelting. Around 60 per cent of the aluminium sector’s GHG emissions are from the production of electricity consumed during the aluminium smelting process. The carbon emissions in primary aluminium production range from 4kg CO2e/kg Al to over 20kg CO2e/kg Al, largely dependent upon the energy sources used.

Capral’s LocAl® Super Green primary aluminium offer is amongst the lowest carbon aluminium available globally at 4kg CO2e/kg Al*. This product will be used to extrude BAB Aluminium seating from now on. Produced using hydroelectricity, LocAl® Super Green achieves significantly lower CO2e emissions per kilo of Aluminum produced compared to traditional energy sources.

“We can see momentum growing within the Australian industry and among Australian architects and designers. Our clients are looking for best-in-class sustainability solutions for their projects, and when it comes to aluminium seating LocAl® Super Green offers that,” Mr Blowes said.

“Our products will now have a significantly lower carbon footprint yet maintain the performance and durability qualities our clients seek.

“They continue to be durable, easy to maintain and 100 per cent recyclable at the end of their life. However, we are cutting emissions upfront by manufacturing them from this lower carbon, more sustainable product.”  

Responsible product procurement and stewardship have always been a priority for BAB Aluminium, an active member of SEDEX, a global organisation focused on supply chain sustainability practices. 

Contributing to a more sustainable future

In addition to the apparent benefits of sourcing Low carbon aluminium, Mr Blowes and his team are encouraged by the recent Certification of Capral under the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) Performance and Chain of Custody Standards.

These certifications recognise Capral’s commitment to responsible production, sourcing, and management of aluminium products and deliver confidence to BAB Aluminium regarding the origins of the Aluminum they purchase. 

“Sourcing Capral’s ASI-Certified aluminium, produced in accordance with the ASI Performance Standard and ASI Chain of Custody Standard, for our Products demonstrates that the aluminium has been sourced and produced responsibly along the entire value chain,” said Mr Blowes. 

The company has made a significant commitment to prioritise sustainability and responsible sourcing in its operations and has taken concrete steps to achieve this goal. By embracing sustainable practices, BAB Aluminium aims to minimise its environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

The business currently reuses or recycles all the packing products associated with the aluminium sourced from Capral, including cardboard, paper and timber. Most off-cuts and waste created during manufacturing are reused, with only a small portion of aluminium scrap remaining, which is recycled. 

The switch to LocAl® Super Green Low Carbon Aluminium takes BAB’s sustainability initiatives to the next level, demonstrating a significant commitment to sustainability.

Capral Account Manager, Mary-Anne Inguanez, said, “BAB is the first Capral Customer to switch all its purchases to LocAl® Super Green, our lowest carbon aluminium offer. When we talked about it, Mr Blowes was clear about why he’s made the decision – it was simply because it’s the right thing to do – it’s great to work with an Australian manufacturer who is prioritising sustainability and responsible sourcing and leading his industry in the use of Low carbon aluminium.”

Featured image: Feature view of “ The Abbey” Grandstand. Image courtesy of Capral Aluminium. 

This sponsored editorial is brought to you by Capral Aluminium. For more information, visit https://www.capral.com.au/ 


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