Australia’s aviation industry is a dynamic and evolving sector and plays a crucial role in connecting people and the movement of goods across the world. 

To support this vital role, and ensure a skilled, ready and supported workforce, the Australian Airports Association (AAA) holds an annual National Conference and Industry Expo, and Women in Airports Forum, bringing together aviation professionals, industry leaders and stakeholders. 

These two events serve as platforms for sharing industry insights and innovations while championing diversity, equity and inclusion.

National Conference and Industry Expo

The AAA National Conference is an annual gathering that has become the aviation industry’s premier event in Australia. It attracts delegates from airports, airlines, government agencies, and various aviation-related businesses. The conference serves as a knowledge-sharing opportunity, offering a platform to discuss emerging trends, best practices, and innovative solutions to address the challenges facing the industry.

This year’s theme is ‘Safe, Smart, Sustainable: Towards 2050’, with the program highlighting the diverse challenges and opportunities the industry faces including transitioning to net zero emissions, changing consumer expectations, new technologies, safety and security regulations. These presentations and discussions help airports and airlines stay ahead in an increasingly competitive market.

The conference features a three-day program and exhibition which will include plenary sessions, case studies and breakout sessions.

Women in Airports Forum

The day before the AAA National Conference, the Women in Airports Forum takes centre stage, highlighting the essential role of women in the aviation industry. 

The Forum brings together a diverse range of people from the aviation sector, establishing a platform for shaping and promoting an industry culture that seeks to advance female airport career participation.

The Forum assembles a community of like-minded professionals for a day of career development, robust discussions, ideas sharing and networking. The Forum Workshop focuses on professional development, discovering what success looks like for individuals, understanding imposter syndrome and how to ‘lean in’ instead, and providing attendees with strategic networking opportunities.

By fostering diversity and inclusivity, the aviation industry can harness the full spectrum of talent and ideas. The Women in Airports Forum serves as a reminder that progress is not only measured in technological advancements but also in the inclusion and empowerment of all individuals, regardless of gender.

Why you should attend

The Australian Airports Association National Conference and Women in Airports Forum are two important events that collectively shape the future of aviation in Australia. 

They showcase the industry’s commitment to sustainability, innovation, and diversity, emphasising that a thriving aviation sector is one that leaves no one behind. As these events continue to evolve and grow, AAA expects that they will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in the continued success of Australian aviation, while also serving as an inspiration to the broader global industry.

The AAA is the national voice for airports, representing the interests of more than 340 airports and aerodromes across Australia. It also represents over 150 corporate members supplying products and services to airports and the wider aviation industry.

Event details: 

AAA Women in Airports Forum
Date: Monday 13 November
Venue: River Room, Crown Casino, Melbourne
Register here

AAA National Conference & Industry Expo
Date: Tuesday 14 – Thursday 16 November
Venue: Melbourne Convention Centre
Register here

Infrastructure Magazine is a Media Partner of the Australian Airport Association’s National Conference and Industry Expo, and Women in Airports Forum.


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