AustRoads highlights strategies to manage congestion

Effective congestion reducing initiatives have been highlighted in AustRoad’s Case Studies of Critical Learnings in Network Operations, Congestion Management Relief Initiatives and Planned Activities.

According to Austroads Network Program Manager and co-author of the report, Richard Delplace, the initiatives implemented by Australian and New Zealand road and transport agencies have used a very diverse range of treatments and operational improvements to tackle their traffic congestion.

“Key trends include ’sweating’ existing assets and infrastructure by using technology for real-time network operations such as smart motorways schemes, and investing in data acquisition, analytics and visualisation to evaluate events and conditions and ultimately design more informed congestion management strategies.

“There are also operational improvements to how roadworks are planned, authorised and managed to minimise and inform on traffic disruptions, and increased collaboration between public transport agencies and business units to influence transport mode shift and reduce the demand on the road networks.”

This report extends the previous research conducted in the 2016 Austroads Congestion and Reliability Review (AP-R534-16) by describing case studies of innovative solutions and treatments from each jurisdiction.

“We hope this report will enable agencies to learn from each other’s practical experience, and continue to support knowledge sharing through the proposed framework for congestion management relief opportunities,” Mr Delplace said.


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