While the summer months bring the perfect weather for a day out at the beach, they also bring with them plenty of dangers. When public recreational spaces are left unmonitored, it can be hard to guarantee safety for communities. However, with smart emergency response technology in place, councils can ensure their facilities are ready for summer.

Making sure people can enjoy public outdoor spaces means preventing incidents of injury, loss or harm that would otherwise ruin a day of fun. According to Surf Life Saving Australia, there were 54 deaths as a result of drowning between December 2022 and March 2023, with all of them occurring either at an unpatrolled area, outside patrol hours, or outside the red and yellow flags.

For Australian surveillance and security experts Spectur, leaving a site unmonitored puts the public at risk, which is why they’ve developed security solutions to help enhance safety at outdoor recreational spaces.

Keeping beaches safe

There are many things that can go wrong at the beach, including injuries, drownings, shark attacks and medical episodes. Setting up emergency response beacons can ensure even when there are no lifeguards available or present onsite, there is still something on the lookout for danger.

With Spectur’s emergency response beacons (ERBs), lifeguards can ensure safety throughout summer to protect beachgoers, surfers and swimmers. These ERBs have the ability to detect nearby tagged sharks and broadcast evacuation orders, with bright lights and voice instructions audible at up to 400m from shore.

Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse imagery, Spectur’s cameras can also alert lifeguards to people drowning in the waters, such as those suffering from a sudden medical episode or fisherman swept off the rocks, ensuring help can reach them as soon as possible.

Securing campsites

While people going camping want to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the city, staying at a campsite where there is a limited or no mobile or internet connection can leave people stranded when something goes wrong. Spectur’s platforms are designed to function off-the-grid, with self-contained intelligent solar and battery-powered AI surveillance, safety, warning and communication solutions that sense, think and act autonomously to address safety issues.

Spectur’s solution can alert the public to danger, allows camp managers to remotely view and assess conditions, and provides fast access to emergency services. These systems are connected to the internet via mobile networks and amplified with antennae, or in extreme cases via satellite, for locations with no mobile coverage at all.

Additionally, each camera platform can be easily moved to wherever they are needed by a single person with a van, making them ideal for temporary, as well as long-term, installations.

Eyes on the water

ERBs can also be deployed at lakes, dams and other water-based recreational facilities to prevent accidents and damage to assets by complementing existing traditional security and monitoring. Sensors can be integrated with Spectur platforms for onsite environmental monitoring of water and air quality, water levels, contamination, salinity and more.

With a live feed available, staff can keep an eye out for danger even when they are not onsite. Also with AI-enabled security camera feeds, Spectur systems can actively detect threats and alert staff to take action straight away. By combining Spectur’s solutions with more traditional risk prevention, councils can ensure a truly safe and fun summer season for their communities.

For more information on setting up safe recreational facilities using Spectur’s smart solutions, call 1300 802 960 to talk to our team and find the right solution for your unique onsite challenges.


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