The City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters in Adelaide’s inner east is now seeking comments on a new draft Smart City Plan, which will help the city to become more digitally connected and technologically enhanced.

Once finalised, the Smart City Plan will be used to inform, plan, design and accelerate the deployment of smart city technology.

Mayor Robert Bria says that as a smart city, the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters will join global leaders that use infrastructure, innovation and technology to improve liveability.

“Smart cities such as London, Toronto and Tokyo collect and use data to improve day-to-day activities for citizens and visitors alike,” Mr Bria said.

The final Smart City Plan, prepared by consultants Delos Delta on behalf of the council, will set out a governance framework for the delivery of smart city technology – the platform to develop future business cases and partnerships.

“Technology evolves at an incredibly rapid rate and traditional models of service delivery across all spheres of Government are fast becoming obsolete,” Mr Bria said.

“As new technologies become increasingly available, accessible and affordable, the needs and expectations of our community quickly change to reflect their uptake and use of new technologies.

“The evolution of social networking platforms as genuine and legitimate tools for engagement, consultation, debate and information sharing, is a good example of how new technologies can influence community expectations for service delivery.

“The Council must be constantly adapting to change and the Smart City Plan provides the dynamic framework to facilitate adoption of tested and innovative new technologies, which will enhance the Council’s service provision and community well-being.”

Mr Bria also said that the draft Smart City Plan takes into consideration the views, aspirations and ideas of community members who participated in the initial stages of consultation in February 2020.

“The draft Smart City Plan introduces the aspirational smart city agenda while emphasising the Council’s focus on sustainable active transport and climate change adaptation.”

Mr Bria encouraged all residents, property owners, business owners and operators to submit their comments by 5 November 2020.

“Looking to the future, it is vital that we work together to ensure that all of the great things about our City are not only preserved but enhanced through the use of smart technology.”

The draft plan can be found at


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