Sourcing critical data from remote areas over vast water and wastewater plants is crucial to making decisions for optimal performance and efficiency on site.

In remote terminal unit (RTU) applications such as pump stations, reservoirs and wastewater utilities, it is important that data obtained from the source is sent to a master supervisory setup both quickly and reliably, to be used by engineers for decision-making.

The communication protocol used between these RTUs and the master controller is known as the Distributed Network Protocol version 3.0, or ‘DNP3’. Originally developed for electric utility RTU manufacturers in the early 1990s, it is now an IEEE standard (1815-2012).

NHP is excited to introduce the AllenBradley Micro870® DNP3 Enabled Controller to assist with RTU panel design. These Micro870® controllers also have select models with in-built DNP3 communications.

It includes both serial and Ethernet versions and incorporates features for reliable communication, such as:

  • Time stamping of message packets
  • Event reporting capability
  • Automatic logging of events during communication outages

Key features of the range

  • Increased protocol connectivity on serial and/or Ethernet ports
  • DNP3 support on three Micro870® controllers
  • Wide range of communication protocols that includes Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus/TCP, DF1, DNP3 and ASCII with MQTT support
  • Increased security protection
  • Enhanced password protection encryption (AES-256)
  • Enhanced secure Authentication version 5 (Sav5) support in DNP3 protocol
  • Modular with an easy-to-use architecture
  • Plug-in modules extend functionality of the controller without increasing the panel space
  • Expansion modules for scalability
  • Cost optimised
  • Use of the Connected Components Workbench software environment for programming, configuring and simulating connected devices
  • Conformal coated version (2080-L70E-24QWBNK)
  • Support wide operating temperature range from -20 to +65°C
  • Remote I/O support via Class 1 implicit messaging function
  • Can work with compatible third-party devices to transmit data reliably over long distances, such as radio or cellular networks to the main RTU

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