42 solar-powered, 240L eco-friendly bins are being installed across Campbelltown, designed to store more waste and emit less odour than regular bins.

The bins contain a compressing mechanism which periodically crushes the garbage within, significantly reducing the number of times the bins require emptying, and allowing them to store eight times the waste of a regular bin.

They are solar powered and contain hand detection and smart fill level safety sensors as well as anti-graffiti wrapping.

Campbelltown General Manager, Lindy Deitz, said, “These smart bins will be a welcome addition to Campbelltown and will have a positive effect on our environment and streetscape.

“They have been successfully used in cities like Melbourne, reducing time spent by staff emptying bins meaning more time can be spent maintaining our public domain.

“It will also result in less truck movements through our CBDs which will reduce traffic and emissions.”

Five of the CleanCube bins are being installed as part of the On Q activation program in the Campbelltown CBD.


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